Thomas Schnake

Technical University of Berlin
Ph.D. student in Machine Learning


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Short Bio

    I did my bachelor in Mathematics at Humboldt-University of Berlin in which I wrote my Bachlor thesis about stochastic particle systems. A studied computer science at the Grande Ecole ENSEEIHT between 2013-2014 in Toulouse (France) which was partly fincance by the DAAD. Between 2014-2018 I did a Master's degree in Mathematics at Humboldt University and a Master's degree in Scientific Computing at Berlin Institute of Technology. Financed by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy I worked as a reseach assistant at GFaI (engl. Society of the advancement of applied computer science) between 2014-2016, further I did research on natural language processing at the BBDC (Berlin Big Data Center) between 2016-2018. I'm currentyly doing my Ph.D. at the machine learning department at Technical University of Berlin.

Research Interests

    I'm interested in the research on artificial neural nets, and reinforcement learning, with the application in sequential data. I'm interested in modeling neural nets for tasks like sequence-to-sequence learing as in speech-to-text or translation algorithms. Further I would like to use contemporary concepts like Attention or Graph Neural Networks to apply them on different challenges such as information extraction or relation extraction.



Commercial music project in the genre pychodelic folk: Clashing Seats.
Musical director in a theatre play and recording session: Goldenes Rauschen.